Beautiful sunshine

The sun is pale orange

Clouds gathering apart paving a way

The sun to shine early

The birds still in their nests

Its so chilly outside

But the brightenes at tue eastern age

Asurance for a greater warmth

It is a Sunday

A sunday morning

The birds singing, still in their nests

The blessed day here it comes

A day to worship

Your creator for your life

A day to give your prayer dedication

The sun is now shining

Halfway to the east.

How beautiful it is

How assuring for the new day

The birds are now away fromj the nests

Flying all around

Majorly at the suns edge place

Wo happy is the new day

The day to make your resolutions

This is a day like no other, never will thea be such a morning. This beauty is all yours, the day too. Only for you to decide what are you going to be? What do you really want? What kind of life do you wanna lead?

Everything is decided here.

The evening will come with much great beauty at the edge of the cliff for a view. Who will you be then? What will you have archieved at the end?

Yours to decide, give it a try and let not your beauty be your falling pride😉😉😉😉😉😉😉



Sometimes we find it so dificult,

So hard to move on

They say cleanliness is second to Godliness dont they?

Yes it is,

Carefully cleanup is the best

Ideology to be whom we are

Without being clean yes

You are so full of dirt

Dirt is all thats felt from you

Not pleasant within friends

Personal restlessness

Happiness is all a choice

“My house is too small”,

“But full of hapiness and patience.”

Cleanliness is all required

Keep it cleen

Friends and their love

Never will they leave

A cows shed by a night,

Becomes so dirty, stinky

This brings the pests invation

Cleaning up the shed doesnt clean the pests

The farmer is obligated to take the animals

The catle dip is the clean up place

Lets clean up our minds

Our souls too and body

Let u be clean

Before the infestation.
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My child

‘don know where u are

Nor when you’ll come

Or from whom you’ll come

Where will I be I don know

My happiness will prevail.


I wanna see you,

I want to hold you,

So tight my happiness

Lead you the path,

Never had I gone thru.


Make your heart,

Be you best and happiness too

Be thea whenever and wherever,

Proud of me want to see

I’ll always look in to your eyes a say whom you are


My future, my life all time love

My joy and pride.

Fruit of my life plantation

When you arrive

Beginning of my happiness

I love you my child.

My flower

Love is like a flower.

In the morning light, opens like a hatch

Beauty of it reveal.

Attracting insects for its satisfaction.

During the day it breaths.


At the edge of the day,

Tired and ready to regenerate

Coiling and folding

Defensive it is even during the day.


Expression is from deep down

Just like the depth of a flowers beauty.

whatever love feels like

Love is a flower

From a flower our love is grown.

Mine and yours


Just as the sun shines at the edge of the cliff as we watch,

Burning the clouds at the late afternoon,

Building a yellow light,

The light so beautiful it glows.

To the eyes it provides.

Beauty and lovely.


Just as the fire burns.

In the soul you bring.

Light and heat in blood.

Melting my body is all your love,

Running through my system.


Your love is all that thrive.

It’s you that make me whole.

As a splash I sparkle


Down the aisle one day shall walk.

With our hands from a vow.

Reflecting our love saying:

Through the dark and light, through pain and sorrow, happiness and agony

In shame and in pride…

Till death do we part?

I will always love you.


So weak in state of despair,

So angry, no remorse .

Humor, the act I portray,

Keeping and hold

Anger in a life time.

Smile all I’ve left to feel

Nothing so beautiful that seems to be.


So angry, nothing I understand,

Why this anger?

What am I angry about?

Angry at me it seems.

Why did it have to be me?

Why should I keep on this road?


Past is my issue

Coming up ready to catch up

Anger I posses, deterioration

My emotions over come,

My humility paralysed

Keeping on condemning myself, why?


Your voice flows in,

Keeps me from the edge,

Anger strong hold and weakness

Your love my strength.

Beside His word so far

‘ thanks to Him for you.




last year a time like this i was lost in to the world. anger was eating me up so was pain . i was in pain but i later found somebody to take me through my tough road again. and now i am all better.

but yester night i had this dream about some people who wronged me on the same moment asking me to forget what happened between me and them bu i couldn’t. though i woke up, my beautiful girlfriends words lingered in my head, “Stanley.” she says, “when you feel down and worried write down all that you feel on a paper.” and that’s why i had to write this:

It is written, forgive one another just like He’s forgiven us

But before He ascended He said:

I’ve seen how difficult the heart of a man is

So H left the Holy Spirit

So in desperate times He can guide us.


Man is a very difficult thing to deal with

Pride is all he cares about not even what befalls him

To forgive is very hard, living the pain worst

Tares apart the gentleness, opening the cocoon of a bear

Anger, fear and doubt is all that follow


Why it all that we do is forgive?

Is it because it is written for us to follow?

Or just a way of life set for us ever since the beginning?


Nei it isn’t, forgiveness is a gift of good

It is what we are thought to be

It’s been a year now since the wronged me

Never came back appologising

Buh… I now have to say this


I am not a Higher power I am a man

I can forgive but forgetting it’s hard

But now I have to say

I forgive you all for ruining my life.